Yoga Studio Mod (Premium Unlocked) Apk Download

Yoga Studio Mod – it helps you to take yoga classes and exercise daily at home. Yoga studio mod is a great application for you if you are at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of yoga. You can practice yoga classes after taking tips and classes from experts.

Yoga is the best practice that brings calm and relaxation to your body. You can practice yoga by watching practice classes in HD quality. The class videos are published by yoga trainers in different poses. You can also customize your own practice classes by using different tools.

What is Yoga Studio Mod?

Do some people ask what is yoga? Yoga is an exercise, which includes different poses, deep breathing practice, and deep concentration. Which helps you to relax your mind and body. With all these practices, you will need a yoga trainer.

No worries, you dont need to hire a yoga trainer for you. You can do all these practices o your comfort zone. As yoga studio mod apk is the best application, which allows you to take yoga classes and do it at your home. You can start it from beginner, intermediat or advanced level from where you want. It has HD-quality videos. It also allows you to download these practice classes. And watch them on the big screen while doing yoga.

Features of Yoga Studio Mod apk

  • 100+ videos of yoga practices
  • HD quality videos
  • Customize your own practice
  • 280+ poses of yoga with details
  • Various levels of yoga
  • Different timing videos
  • Set the workout schedule
  • Yoga poses with HD-quality images
  • Search for yoga categories

100+ recorded videos of yoga practices 

Yoga Studio apk cracked is a complete collection of unlimited yoga classes & poses. After completion of installation, you can watch many video practice lectures. You can start your yoga workout at home by watching these classes on a large screen.

It contains different categories of videos. In this way, you can easily find the best video for you according to your health. It contains 100+ videos of focus and level. The videos are in Full HD quality. You can easily start your practice work.

Customize your own practice class

If you failed to find the best video for you. You can also customize your practice easily and quickly. It contains a custom class toolkit. With the help of the toolkit, you can create something unique and different for yourself.

The toolkit has many poses and set a timer for any pose. You can choose any pose and set the timer, this will help you to create your video. When you add any pose and set a timer with it, this will be played in a sequence. If you want to customize any old or pre-designed video, you can do it easily. It allows you to add, and subtract any pose and change the timer.

280+ poses of yoga with details are provided

Are you dont want to watch any videos? Or don’t have enough data to watch the video? Dont worry, the yoga studio mod allows you to read the detail with different poses and start your workout.

It contains 280+ different yoga poses. You just can’t read the detail about yoga, and also see different poses and images. It has full HD quality images with written detail. After reading the detail and seeing the images you can easily start your yoga workout.

Various levels of yoga you can choose

Yoga workout mod apk has different levels of yoga. No matter, if you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. You can start your yoga journey with the yoga studio mod apk. It contains different poses and different classes for different levels.

Different timing videos are available

The yoga studio apk has many practice videos. You can select them by choosing different categories. You can also select them at different times. It contains 5 minutes to 45 minutes of videos.

Set the workout schedule of daily routine

It also allows you to set your workout schedule. In this way, you can do your daily workout on time.

Different Yoga classes are available

280+ videos, 100+ written details classes provided by yoga studio mod. The different classes categories are following:

  • 10 mint yoga
  • Chakara yoga
  • Family Yoga
  • Hip hop
  • Weight lose yoga
  • To relax mind
  • For back pain
  • Deep breath yoga

Different poses of Yoga

As we defined above, yoga studio mod has different poses classes and practices with videos and images. You can also customize it by yourself.

The different poses are

  • Child pose
  • Four limbed staff pose
  • Plank pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Tree pose
  • Corpse pose
  • Bridge pose

You can get all the basic information about yoga from the yoga studio mod apk.

Download Yoga Studio Mod (Premium Unlocked)

The yoga studio apk is the best application to keep you fit mentally & physically. You can relax your mind and body by doing yoga exercises daily. Download the latest version of the Yoga Studio Mod apk from our website. The Yoga Studio Mod download pro is unlocked.


Yoga Studio Mod is a health & fitness category application developed by fit for life LLC. it is a top-rated application with 100k+ downloads on the Google play store. It helps you in a daily workout of yoga practices, it provides practice videos and written details for its users.

So that you can do daily yoga exercises easily at your home. Ao download the yoga studio apk and start your yoga journey!

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