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GB WhatsApp Plus is a communication app, through which you can stay connected with your loved ones from all over the world. It comes along with limitless features.
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WhatsApp plus Mod Apk – GB plus Whatsapp Mod apk is the communication app. GB plus the latest moded version of the original Whatsapp. It is one of the most popular apk of WhatsApp mods. It comes with extra features from the original Whatsapp mod apk. That’s why most people love to use this app.

It is fully secured and easy to use. You can get unlimited features without paying any money. You don’t need to face any complexity to use it. It comes along with limitless features of Whatsapp apk.

As we know, there are a lot of WhatsApp mods like Whatsapp foaud, FM Whatsapp, WhatsApp aero, IG WhatsApp, and many more, but GB plus is the best version of all of them.

What is GB plus Whatspp?

GB WhatsApp Plus is a communication app, through which you can stay connected with your loved ones from all over the world. It comes along with limitless features. this is one of the best communication apk from Whatsapp mods. gbplus mod works like the original WhatsApp mod. It offers us extra and superior features which don’t provide by the original Whatsapp mod.

GB Whatsapp is the best option for multiple accounts. You can hide status, hide last seen, customize your chatting screen, freeze last seen, and many more. You can enjoy unlimited features within this mod apk. It works on android smartphones. It provides customization features on large scale.

Features of GB Plus Whatsapp apk mod

  • Free and easy to use
  • Unlimited animations, stickers, and emojis
  • Unlimited themes and wallpapers
  • Supports up to 4 different accounts
  • You can hide and freeze your last seen
  • Disable audio calls
  • Hide the blue ticket even after you read the message.
  • Share files, images, and videos up to 50MB
  • High-quality data transfer
  • Auto reply
  • Send a bundle of messages in an instant

Free and easy to use

Whatsapp plus mod is a communication app for android users. You can use this Whatsapp mod without facing any difficulty. As this mod is developed like Whatsapp original apk. It has a simple UI. the developer just modified Whatsapp plus mod. You can use it easily just by downloading it from our website.

Unlimited animations, stickers, and emojis

GB Plus Whatsapp mod comes up with unlimited features. It provides us with many animated stickers, emojis, gifs, and bitmoji. While chatting with your friends, the use of stickers and emojis is another level of fun.

When we use stickers and emojis, the chatting becomes more interesting.

Unlimited themes and wallpapers

Whatsapp plus apk mod provides us with many customization options.

Are You feel bored by Watching the same themes and wallpapers daily? Want to change your taste? Don’t worry, the Whatsapp apk is here to throw away your boredom. You can customize your chats as you want. You can also download new and interesting wallpapers and themes from GB Whatsapp plus apk. Different colorful customizations make feel you happy.

Supports up to 4 different accounts

When you need more than one account of Whatsapp mod. You have to download a number from WhatsApp. But Whatsapp plus apk helps you to make up to 4 accounts in just one app. GBPlus Whatsapp apk helps you to use 4 different accounts at a time. It saves your time and also your mobile phone memory.

You can hide and freeze your last seen

There are many hiding options also available. You can hide your last seen when you don’t want to chat with anyone. You can also freeze your last seen option by setting any time. The Whatsapp plus apk shows your last seen as you set it, even if you are online or using your WhatsApp at the instant.

Disable audio calls

Are you feeling sad? don’t want to talk to anyone? Or do you want to get rid of anonymous calls? No need to worry, WhatsApp plus apk helps you to disable the audio call option. When you disable this option, no one can call you. In this way, it helps you to stay satisfied and private.

Share files, images, and videos up to 50MB

Beyond many features of chatting, Whatsapp plus mod permits you to send images, videos, and files, up to 50MB. It also allows you to send your live location. You can also send your large files by compressing them. 50MB is enough to share your images, videos, and files with your friends.

High-quality data transfer

Whatsapp plus does not just allow you to send your data rather it also provides HD sharing results. You can send your data in HD quality. When you send your data on other Whatsapp mods, your files become low quality.

But Whatsapp plus apk mod shows high and HD quality results while sending your data.

Auto reply & Bundle of Messages

Whatsapp plus apk provides you the auto-reply option which is not provided by the original WhatsApp mod. You can set your reply default, when someone sends you a message, the auto-reply feature will automatically send it even if your mobile data is off.

Whatsapp plus also provides you to send a bundle of messages at a time. When you open a chat, you will see a bomb icon. Click on this icon and write the number of messages you want to send, and also the message. Click the ok option and your bomb option will start working.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Plus Apk mod

As this app is developed by modifying the original WhatsApp basic code. This app is not available on the play store. Many people asked if is it secure to use WhatsApp plus mod.

We can say “no”, it is not secure as the original WhatsApp is. There are many reasons behind it. It may become secured quickly on users’ demand. But till now, we can’t say it fully secured app

Download Whatsapp Plus Mod apk (unlimited money

With many features, the Whatsapp mod apk is the best mod apk from WhatsApp mods. As it provides us with many features which are not available even in the original Whatsapp mod. You can download the Whatsapp plus mod from our website with just one click.

You just need to put in your mobile number and start using it. So download the latest version of WhatsApp plus mod and enjoy chatting with your friends. you can also search for GBwhatsapp, GB Plus WhatsApp, Plus Whatsapp mod, GB mods, and many more. also, visit gbapps.net for more information.


Whatsapp GBplus apk is the best option from Whatsapp mods. You can enjoy countless features without any complexity. It provides us with many customization options like fonts, font size, changing wallpapers and themes, chat history, backup options, and many more. To enjoy all these features, just download the latest apk version of plus Whatsapp mod apk.

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