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Whatsapp app which allows you to chat with your friends & Family anywhere in the world, and make phone calls for free on your smartphone.
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WhatsApp Messenger Mod APK is a Moded version of the Whatsapp app which allows you to chat with your friends & Family anywhere in the world, and make phone calls for free on your smartphone. You can also use Whatsapp on your laptop through WhatsApp web.

You can share photos, videos, documents files, and your recorded voice with your friends easily.

As we all know that there are unlimited chat platforms available on the play store & app store, but none of them can provide us with the security Whatsapp does. Whatsapp mod apk provides us end-to-end encryption for security purposes, that’s the main reason everyone uses Whatsapp mod apk.

Latest Features of Whatsapp MOD Apk

  • Chats with friends & Family
  • Group Chats
  • Share Photos & Videos
  • Upload Live Status
  • Audio & Video Calls
  • Group Video Calls
  • Change Themes & Wallpapers
  • Change Font Size
  • Chat Backup
  • Block Contact
  • Finger lock
  • Two-Step Verification

Chats with friends & Family

To chat with your friends, you have to ON your mobile phone data. An Internet connection is necessary for Whatsapp mod apk. You can chat with anyone in the world without extra data charges. Whatsapp mod apk provides us the best opportunity to be connected with our beloved ones anywhere in the world.

Share Photos, Videos & Documents Files

You can share photos & videos in HD quality. Whatsapp mod apk also has a “camera” option in the chat to take a picture and send it directly to your friends. Also Share document files like Word documents, pdf, and excel files. You can share multiple images & videos in just one click.

Group Chats

You can also create WhatsApp groups, which allow you to chat with your friends jointly.

You can share your photos and videos together rather than send them separately. A Group admin can add new members or can remove a group member.

From the latest update, you can add up to 512 members in one group. In the previous version, there was a limit of up to 256. You can also do a video call in the group, but the limit of video calls is up to 6 members.

Upload Live Status

Whatsapp mod apk allows you to upload a live status, and share it with your contacts. also Share your special moments of life through pictures, videos, and voice also on your WhatsApp status. You can upload any kind of video like any songs video, movie scene, or motivational video.

You can also hide it from some specific contacts also. On your WhatsApp status, you can check which people have seen your status.

Audio & Video Calls

Whatsapp mod apk permits us up to 32 participants in the audio call, and 6 participants in the video call.

There’s no limit to the distance for audio & video calls on the WhatsApp mod apk, rather it provides us the opportunity to be connected with our beloved ones anywhere in the world.

The result of the video camera mainly depends upon your smartphone but WhatsApp Messenger Mod also provides us with HD high-quality results.

Change Themes & Wallpapers

You can customize your WhatsApp Messenger Mod display screen with different themes and wallpapers, which are available in the WhatsApp mod apk. Mainly three themes are available in the latest version of the Whatsapp mod apk.

  • System default
  • Dark
  • Light

WhatsApp Messenger Mod comes up with Different wallpapers, it also has an option to choose your photos from the Mobile phone Gallery, and decorate them on chat Layouts. In a different group, you can use different wallpapers as you want.

Change Font Size & App Language

With unlimited features, WhatsApp modapk permits us to change Font size and App Language also.

It has 3 font sizes like

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

You can change your Language according to your mother language, and from the keyboard, you can select any language, it provides us with every country language, and the main default language of Whatsapp mod apk is ENGLISH.

Chat Backup

If you want to change your mobile phone but didn’t want to delete your memorable chat with your friend or someone special? Don’t worry, WhatsApp Messenger Mod has the solution to your problem, unlike other chatting apps, Whatsapp modapk permits you to back up your chat and files which are saved in the mod apk.

It has options to backup your all data to your Google drive or on your Gmail account. so you can easily transfer it to your new smartphone. WhatsApp modapk furnishes us to take backup Daily, Weekly, or Never options.

Block Contacts

There are many people with whom you didn’t want to talk, or some people irritate you anonymously. Many people asked how to get rid of someone. Or how to block on WhatsApp Messenger Mod? Don’t worry, WhatsApp modapk is here to sort out your problem.

Whatsapp mod apk has the option to block someone in just one click. When you block someone, then they are not able to send you any messages, or call you on WhatsApp, even if they can’t see your display pictures(DP).

Just open the chat with whom you want to block. Click on the three dots given at the top right corner of the chat, click on MORE, and Block. there‘s no block limit given by WhatsApp authority, you can block unlimited numbers.

Finger lock & Two-Step Verification

In the previous version, the WhatsApp mod apk doesn’t have an option for two-step verification or finger lock. But within a few years, it provides us with this facility. You can set your finger lock security on your Whatsapp account.

By two-step verification, you can add your 6-number security code, and also add your G-mail account. If you forget your security code, you can recover your account. also, visit whatsapp.com


As we know, boundless apps for chatting are available today, but none of them come up with the best security & Privacy as Whatsapp MOD Apk provides to its users.

WhatsApp Messenger Mod is a top-rated app among unlimited apks with 5B+ Downloads & 168M reviews on just Google Playstore. Just Download this app and stay connected with your friends & Family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whatsapp Messenger?

Whatsapp messenger apk is a chatting application. you can use it for sharing images, videos, documents, music, and many more.

How to hack someone’s WhatsApp messenger?

You can’t easily hack Whatsapp messenger mod. use Whatsapp web on your PC to read messages. hacking someone’s private things is illegal.

Why are WhatsApp and messenger not working?

due to some technical issues, the WhatsApp messenger mod may not be working properly. update your game/app from the google play store it will start working properly.

Why use Whatsapp instead of messenger?

Whatsapp mod is a top-rated application. it has unlimited features over messenger. use Whatsapp for chatting, sending media, and also video calling.

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