Vault Mod Apk (Pro Unlocked) Download Free

Vault Mod Apk – Vault apk is an encrypted application that helps you to keep your private images, videos and documents hidden. You can hide your private files in the photo hider mod apk storage. It also allows you to set the password. The vault apk is an advanced-level encrypted tool. Which keeps all your personal data safe and secure.

As we know, we all need some privacy and security for our personal files. We don’t want to share some files with anyone. We can keep them on our mobile phones, but sometimes we have to share our smartphones with our friends or family members. So calculator mod apk will help you to keep safe and private your personal images, videos, and documents.

What is vault mod apk?

Vault apk is a privacy tool application published by Wafer Co. it is an encrypting tool that keeps your files 100% hidden and private. It does not just hide your files from the gallery, rather it keeps you safe from hackers. keeps your apps safe and private. It allows you to hide your mobile apps.

When you hide your communication apps, they would not show the notification on your mobile screen. You can manage notification settings and history also. Keep your data from instant loss. You may lose your mobile phone, it can cause the loss of your important data.

Features of vault mod apk (Pro)

  • Keep your data private
  • Hide images and videos
  • Manage notification
  • Hide apps
  • Set your password or fingerprint
  • Online cloud backup
  • Sketch the snap of intruders
  • Create fake vault
  • The vault is a private browser
  • Without ads
  • Easy to use
  • Safe & secure
  • Recover your password
  • Remove vault existence

Keep your data private & Safe

Want to keep your data safe and private? How to hide pictures and videos on your smartphone? Now you dont need to worry about your personal data. You can keep them private from some intruders. It allows you to just click on the “+” sign and add your files to it.

Hide your Private images and videos 

As we know, there are many images and videos, which you dont want to share with anyone. Almost all use mobile phone security codes. But sometimes we may be lost our phone or we have to share our phone with anyone.

There are many chances, people will see your images and videos. Which you dont want to share at any cost. No need to worry, the image and video hider mod apk will sort out all your problems. Hide your personal and private images & videos. Keep them within your limit with the help of the photo hider mod apk.

Hide Private Apps on your Andriod device

Not just your personal files, but also hide your apps on your smartphone. We may have some apps on our mobile phones, but for those, you may not feel comfortable sharing them with anyone. No worries, hide your unlimited apps in the vault calculator apk. It provides cloud storage to save your files in it.

Set your password or fingerprint

When you hide all your images videos and apps, set a security password to keep them safe and private. vaultmod apk permits you to turn on the security password of pin code, passcode, or fingerprint. The fingerprint is advanced level security. You can add your fingerprint to unlock the vault calculator mod apk.

Online cloud backup is available

With countless features, the vault mod apk allows you to backup your files from cloud storage. You can add all your mobile phone data to the cloud storage of the vault apk.

Even you can back up your smartphone system data, then back up your files online. If you lost your mobile or it lose your data for any reason. No worries, you can back up your all data on any other mobile online.

Sketch the snap of intruders

If you forget your mobile phone at home or the office. and you are worrying about may someone unlock your mobile and see all your private data? No worries, the calculator mod apk is an advanced-level encrypted application.

When someone put the wrong password on your mobile phone, the vault mod apk will sketch the snap of an intruder. That seems interesting. As a calculator apk mod is an amazing application. It will let you see who tried to unlock your mobile phone.

Create fake vaults in one account

If someone has any doubt about you? Do an want to check out your mobile phone or calculator vault apk? No worries, let them check. As calculator mod apk allows you to create unlimited vault accounts. You can save images in one account and videos in another account.

When someone wants to check, you can let them see an empty vault mod apk account. In this way, the vaultapk helps to sort out all your privacy problems.

Remove vault existence

If you don’t want to show your vault application to anyone. You can even hide its icon from your smartphone’s home screen. When you hide the vault mod from the home screen, there’s nothing that shows its presence. In this app, you can see a stealth mode.

When you turn on the stealth mode, the icon of the private photo mod apk will disappear. No one can find it until you unlock it with the right password. This is another exciting and unbelievable feature of the photo hider apk.

Download the Vault Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

With unlimited privacy and private features, the vault mod apk helps you to throw out all your privacy problems. Now you will feel totally secure and safe with the gallery vault mod apk. The vault mod apk has some premium features, to unlock them you have to pay. But you can download the moded version of calculator vault mod apk free from our website.

We have a hide apps apk, calculator vault apk, calculator lock app, app hider calculator all premium versions unlocked. Download the vault mod apk latest version. also, check more detail on Google Playstore. 


With Countless features to hide images, hide videos, and documents, hide unlimited apps, the features online cloud backup, and many more. calculator mod apk is the greatest privacy app. You can enjoy all these privacy protector application features with the vault apk. So what are you looking for? Download the calculator vault mod apk’s latest version for free. And keep everything safe and private!

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