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Many people search for what is a photometer. A flame photometer helps you to measure light level in lux. The sensors of this application measure light level in lux. This process is called illumination.
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Photometer mod apk – photometer is a great tool, which helps you to measure light intensity at a fixed point. You can measure the light levels of rooms quickly. In the past time, measuring the light intensity is not easy.

You have to do difficult experiments to measure light intensity. But now it is a very easy and quick process. You can measure and learn everything about light intensity easily. The photometerapk provides all important and modern tools to help you to measure the light intensity easily.

What is Photometer mod apk?

Many people search for what is a photometer. A flame photometer helps you to measure light level in lux.

The sensors of this application measure light level in lux. This process is called illumination. This will help you to measure all the levels of lights easily. The incoming light intensity and its spreading depends.

You can also measure the light in space at a particular point with a photometer mod apk.

Features of Photometer Mod (Latest Version)

  • Accurate measurement
  • Choose the best bulbs for home
  • Information of sensor of the full light
  • Greenhouse module
  • PPFD calculator
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Share and export measurement report
  • Provides light meters to do experiments

Accurate measurement

The photometermod is an accurate measurement tool. It provides the best and most accurate results of light level measurements.

You can measure the correct and 100% accurate results without any hesitation. some people ask for a photometer vs a spectrophotometer. the spectrophotometer is also used to measure light intensity. it measures the number of photons, while the photometer measures light intensity in lux.

You can also measure the brightness level of the sky. The light units which are supported by the photometer are w/m2, lx, and fx files. When you provide the correct data, it will give faultless and precise results. 

Choose the best bulbs for home

It does not just provide us the measurement functionality, rather it also helps us to buy and install the correct blub with the best brightness level for our rooms. You can check the brightness level of your rooms, then buy the required brightness level bulb and install it.

Simple and easy-to-use interface

The photometer aquaristik has nothing complex, if you are new to the photometermod apk, no worries it has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It has nothing complex, which you dont understand.

You just have to give correct information, it will provide accurate measurements in simple ways. It also has light & dark modes. If you want to save to the smartphone battery, then you should turn on the dark mode.

 Download Photometer Mod apk (Premium version) 

The pro modules of the photometer mod are photography, greenhouse, photovoltaic, and lightmap. The greenhouse module helps you to calculate PPFD. it has a calculator for PPFD. the photovoltaic helps you to measure the brightness of bright bright things like sky walls.

We have an unlocked version of the photometer mod apk. Download the latest version of the photometerapk premium version. Download Premium photometerapk mod from our website. also, check out more detail on the Official website of Photometer. pro 


A photometer app is a professional tool to measure accurate light level intensity. It has a free and premium version. The premium tools are more precise and accurate.

You can buy all these tools at a cheap price. But you dont have to purchase it at all. We are providing the latest and premium version of the photometer for our users. So download the latest version and enjoy unlimited features for free.

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