Lodu Star Mod apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems, Auto win)

Lodu Star Mod apk – Missing Childhood? Or a childhood board game? Which you have played with your friends by sitting around the table? No worries, now you can play your favorite childhood game on your smartphone.

We are talking about Lodu Mod apk. Yes, now you can play lodu mod at any time anywhere. You dont need to o to your friend’s home or anywhere. You can play lodu mod apk with your friends, no matter how far away from your friend.

What is Lodu?

Lodu is a board game with 10M+ downloads. It is developed by gameberry labs. With unlimted fun and amazing 3D graphics, lodu is everyone’s favorite game.

What is Lodu Mod Apk?

Lodu mod apk is the cracked and moded version of the original lodu gameberry. You can get lodu king mod unlimited sixs.

Get the free lodu star mod auto win mod. This is the modified version of the original app. It will provide you with unlimited coins, gems, and many more prizes.

How to play lodu star?

Lodu star mod apk is easy to play game. But it’s not always easy to win a game. If you want to play 4 player game. At the start, you just have to click on the dice when it’s your turn. It will move automatically, then will show a number.

Then click on any Gotti that you want to move. It will move according to the number. That’s all the game mod is. You just have to focus on numbers and move your goties wisely. Then no one can stop you to become a lodu star.

Features of lodu star mod

  • Play Lodu start to throw out your boredom
  • Log in with a Facebook account
  • Play the game as a guest
  • Different modes of the game
  • Invite your friends & Play with them
  • Play with lodu stars from all over the world
  • Customize your profile
  • Voice & text chatting with your friends
  • Add game buddies up to 25
  • Earn coins & gems by watching ads
  • Send & receive dice from friends
  • Open the Magic Pick after 24 hours
  • Take tokens to goal to get rewards

Play Lodu star to throw out your boredom

Boundless exciting features, unlimited gems, money, coins, and a lot of fun. Lodu star mod apk is the best board game. Now you can play this mod game on your android device. Play this game to throw out your boredom.

Log in with a Facebook account

When you downlaod this game, it required you to log in. you can log in with your Facebook account or play as a guest. To play as a guest will hide your identity.

When you log in through your Facebook profile, it will let you get unlimited gifts. You can send and receive dice with your FB friends. On collecting dice, get amazing gifts.

Different modes of the game

This game has different modes. There’s a total of five modes

  1. 1 ON 1
  2. Teamup
  3. 4 player
  4. Private table
  5. Play offline

In 1 ON 1 mode, you can play with one player from all over the world.

In team-up mode, play with your friend as a team against another team.

The 4-player mode will let you play with other 3 players from all over the world. It will automatically choose the player for your game. You dont need to search or find any player.

At the private table, play with your friends. In offline mode, play without an internet connection. 2 player or 4 players game is available in offline mode.

Add game buddies up to 25

When you play the game, you may meet some new people. You may want to play with them again. Add them as buddies. It is not necessary to add them on FB, just add them as a game buddy. Then you can invite them to any game. Also, you can have a text chat with them. It permits you to add up to 25 game buddies.

Earn coins & gems by watching ads

It has advertisement services but it didn’t irritate you with so many ads. It has a separate space for ads. If you want to watch ads or not depends on you. You can also get gems & coins for watching ads.

Open the Magic Pick after 24 hours

It provides a magic gift for you daily. You can unlock a magic pick after 24 hours. If you want to unlock it before 24 hours, you have to use gems. It depends on time, and how many gems will be used. The magic gifts may contain unlimited gems, limitless coins, and many hours of boosts.

Premium Features of loud star Mod

  • VIP room unlocked
  • Get a free VIP pass
  • Get Super emoji, Gold, gems & 4X boost
  • All frames are activated
  • All token activated
  • Basic & Fusion dice activated
  • Premium unlocked
  • Unlimted gems
  • Unlimited coins
  • Auto win

How to Download Lodu Star Mod Apk?

Download the latest version by following the simple steps

  1. In the first step, click on the download button given at the top of this page
  2. Then go to “files manager” on your mobile phone
  3. Search for “apps” or “downlpaded apks”
  4. Find the file named “lodu star mod apk”
  5. Click on it and tap install
  6. Allow unknown sources, it won’t harm your device at all
  7. It will automatically install apk file
  8. You can see the icon of lodu star mod on the home screen of your device
  9. Tap on it and enjoy it with friends!

Download Lodu Star Mod Latest Version

Get the moded version of lodu star gameberry. Get unlimited gems, coins, and money through it. On the original app, you have to buy all these features. So download the lodu star mod apk latest version.


Getting bored? Can’t go out of your home? No worries, just download the lodu star mod apk and play with top players from all over the world. Challenge your friends and give them a tough task. You can get a lot of fun and interesting features with this game mod. check out more detail on Google Playstore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lodu star 1 on android?

Yes, you can download lodu star 1 on your android device.

What is Lodu star2?

Lodu star2 is the latest version. It has a lot of fun & amazing graphics. You can play against other players at any time. It is an artificial intelligence board game.

Can lodu star be played on PC?

Yes, you can play this board game on PC with bluestacks. It is the best android gaming platform.

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