Top 15 video editing apps for android & iPhone

On the internet, you can find limitless video editor apps. In the huge collection of video editors, finding the best editor is a tough task. If you are using a video editor for the first time, you may face many problems. Don’t worry, today I will explain the top 15 best video editors for iPhone & android. You can find the best beginners & professional level editors easily. By using any best video editors, you can be a professional editor in the future. 

The top video editors for Android & Iphone:

  •  Kinemaster
  • Adobe Premier
  •  Inshot
  • FilmoraGo
  •  Viva video
  • Splice
  •  Power director
  • iMovie
  •  Quik: Greatest video editor for Montages
  • Promeo: finest for social media editing
  • VideoGrade
  • Videoshop
  • Magisto
  • Stop motion studio pro


Kinemaster is the best video editor for professional-level editors. It is compatible with android & IOS both. You can take your video editing journey to the next level with kinemaster. It provides 4K video resolution. You can export your edited videos directly to youtube. It has multiple layers feature, through which you can add different voices, music, filters, effects, and many more.

It permits its users to use high-end features for free. To remove the watermark, you have to subscribe to its premium subscription. Video cropping, cutting, blending modes, audio mixing, chroma-keying, instant preview, speed control, volume adjustment, and many more high-end features. 

In short, kinemaster is one of the top-rated and best video editors for android and ios users. 

Adobe Premier: Cross-platform editor

Adobe premiere is compatible with android, IOS, MacOS, and also windows. No matter which device you are using, you can use Adobe Premier to edit your videos in a professional way. 

Adobe Premier is one of the great apps with extensive functionality and a simple & user-friendly interface.  It offers panels, dragging-dropping videos on a timeline, mixing videos, adding text, transition effects, and many filters for making editing straightforward for you. It provides different aspect ratios and high-quality resolutions. You can select as you want.  

You can create and edit your videos for different social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram. 

 Inshot: for social media content creators

Inshot video editor is compatible with android & IOS as well. If you want to create social media videos then inshot is the best choice for you. It offers simple & basic editing tools. You can edit your short videos in just a few seconds. The basic features like import, cut, crop, and trim then edit your videos by adding music, filters, effects, stickers, text, and emojis. You can convert your simple video into a stunning & breathtaking video. 

The inshot contains ads & watermark, which you can remove by buying its monthly subscription. 


Filmorago Wondershare is compatible with android, ios windows, and Mac computers. Filmorago is the best and top-rated application for simple and easy editing. If you want to start from basic to advanced level editing, you must try filmorago apps. It has unlimited themes, transition effects, backgrounds, filters, and music tracks, which help you to create an impressive video.

Viva video: best for beginner-level editors

Price: Free

Compatible: Android, IOS

Viva video is one of the easy and simple video editors. It allows you to edit and create simple & short videos for social media platforms. It permits you to cut, crop, trim, merge your video and edit it with unlimted features. Unlimited amazing effects, filters, and themes are available. You can also control the speed of your videos. Also, add music clips, and choose from your mobile storage. It comes with the best slideshow maker and collage maker. 

Splice: especially for Trimming & Cropping

Splice is compatible with IOS only. You can use splice editor especially for trimming & cropping videos. It is one of the best video editors for beginners. You can splice many videos to create one extraordinary collage video. It has a musical track, which you can use on your videos. as we know, the songs on videos make them more interesting & impressive. It also permits you to share your edited videos directly on social media.

Power director

Compatible: with Android, Windows, and Mac

Price: Free

Power director is compatible with android, windows, and Mac. it has the same streamlined interface for android users as on windows. If you love to edit videos on your mobile, you can use the PC version easily. It provides import, rotate, splice, and trim videos. It also allows you to add text to your videos, then customizes them with animations and different styles. It comes up with a PiP overlay to create videos and image collages. The user-friendly interface and limitless features, let you create outstanding videos. If you dont have any editing ideas or experience, you must try Power director.

iMovie: for beginner-level editors,

Imovie is built especially for iPhone,iPad, and Mac users. Imovie video editor is already installed on ipads and iPhones. It has all the basic tools for a beginner-level video editor. If you are not an expert video editor or have no experience in the editing field, you must try iMovie. It also supports 4K on new models.

Quik: Greatest video editor for Montages

Quik is compatible with Andriod & ios. Create an amazing videos with small clips & images. It provides different styles of video editing. You can also customize your videos with animated effects, filters, music, and animated text. It allows you to save your videos in different formats in which you want. It provides 420p to 1080p resolution. 

Promeo: finest for social media editing

Promeo video editor is compatible with Andriod and ios. You can be a professional video editor by using your smartphone. Promeo is the best video editor and creator tool for professional-level editing. It contains a number of diverse designs, effects, training tools, font customization, and many more. 


VideoGrade is compatible with iphone & iPad. VideoGrade is a flexible & powerful video editor with boundless features. It is a color-grading tool for creating stunning videos. It provides split screen mode, instant preview, color cast, a simple interface, and many more. 

In short, you can make quality videos with powerful features and minimum time. 


Videoshop is compatible with android devices. With the help of Videoshop, you can create pre-eminent & high-quality videos. You can import any video from your device that you want to edit. Also, split a video into many clips. It can help you to create elegant videos without facing any complexity. It has cut, crop, split, merge, add text, and filters to make a professional video. 


Magisto is compatible with android, iphone, and iPad. 

It allows you to create a magical video by using your pictures. Create a breathtaking movie clip by using different picture templates. 

You can create the best videos from pictures or small clips of videos, without consuming your time and focus.

Stop motion studio pro

is compatible with android. It is an excellent video editor with creative tools for making animated videos. They provide re-designed and ready-made elements & objects, which you can use for free. These pre-designed projects help you to make a creative video if you are not familiar with video editing. Easy functions, different frames, time-lapse creations, and amazing output are greeted.

Best mobile games of all time

are you a game lover? Want to find out what are the top 10 popular games in 2022? On the internet, there’s a large collection of games. Finding the best mobile game is a difficult task. Dont worry, we are here to provide you with all the detail about the best android games in 2022. 

Gaming is the best way to spend your free time. Some people are crazy about mobile games. Playing mobile games is their favorite hobby of all time. Gaming is the best way to throw out your depression, anxiety, and tension. They help you to freshen up your mind after the tough routine of the whole day.

Mobile games

In the past, mobiles are used only for some needs. But with time it becomes an addiction for most people. It provides us with every type of entertainment. You can play realistic games on your mobile. Almost every game which you have played in real, are available on the playstore. Most people search for Games in google play. On google playstore, theirs a lot of games of different categories. We will help you to install and play the best mobile phone game. 

Top 10 Mobile Games 2022

We have shortlisted the best games for phones. With all the detail, it will help you to save time & mobile security. 

  • GTA 5 mobile (Grand Theft Auto V)
  • nulls brawl alpha game
  • Godzilla strike zone game
  • IRGI Terbaik stumble guy
  • tank combat
  • GTA SA cheater
  • granny outwit
  • brain out 
  • Apex Legends Mobile
  • Minecraft

GTA 5 mobile (Grand Theft Auto V)

Compatibility: Android & IOS

Price: Free

GTA 5 Mobile is compatible with android & IOS. GTA is an action category app with unlimited downloads and users. This game is about fights, criminals, police, and adventurous cities. The GTA player will go through many different levels. It has amazing graphics. 

You will experience adventurous cities and 3D graphics. Your character can be a criminal or a madness. It is an interesting & addictive game. 

Why Get it?

  • High-quality HD graphic
  • Users have good control over the game
  • It has a realistic look
  • Unlimited interesting missions

Why not?

  • It may costs expensive
  • Frame rate may drop in some areas
  • Larger size

Nulls Brawl Alpha Game

Compatibility: Android

Price: Free

Nulls brawl alpha is compatible with Android. It is an action category application with 10k+ downloads. It is the best private server of brawl stars.  Null servers are amazing & best private servers. In this game, you have to play as a fighter. You will need the best weapons, powerful moves, and an aim to win the game. When you will win the game, you will get diamonds, coins, and gold. In the nulls brawl alpha, you can get null brawl, null clash, and royals. They also provide new brawls, skins and etc. you can get all these features for free. 

Why get it?

  • Nulls private server
  • Leaderboards
  • Offers multiplayer support
  • Map maker
  • Earn gems & gold
  • No root required
  • Free to use

Why not?

  • It may have technical issues
  • The new user may face some complexity

Godzilla strike zone game

Compatibility: Android 

Price: free

Godzilla strike zone game is compatible with android. In this game, you have to join military heroes and have to face Godzilla then you must win this dangerous mission. When you fly and experience skyscrapers, you may have involvement in high-altitude jumps. It is a tough but interesting game.

You need a full focus on the game. As you are playing as a military hero, you may have an experiece as a rescue hero. As a rescue hero, it’s your mission to help people and save their cities from destruction and from a fierce monster. It looks like a realistic & cinematic game. The 3D graphic & horror sound of the game makes it more interesting. 

Why get it?

  • Free to play
  • Realistic game
  • Play as a military hero
  • Interesting missions
  • 3D graphic & realistic sounds

Why not?

  • Full of complexities for new users
  • Not enough actions

IRGI Terbaik stumble guy

Compatibility: Android

Price: Free

IRGI Terbaik stumble guy is compatible with android. It is is multiplier royale game with millions of downloads. In this game, 32 players compete at the same time. When the performance of any player is not good, he/she will be moved to the last numbers. 

The last standing players will be eliminated by other players. You must play outstanding and face every hurdle so that you will be safe from elimination. 

It is a challenging game with unlimited tough levels. Here are some pros and cons of the IRGI Terbaik stumble guy.

Why Get it?

  • Challenging & interesting game
  • A lot of music to relax your mind
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free to play

Why Not?

  • Limited actions
  • Some technical issues

Tank combat

Compatibility: Android

Price: Free

tank combat is compatible with android. It is an action-category game with boundless downloads. In the game. You have to fight with your opposite player. And safe and secure yourself from their attacks. 

Your full focus and strategic thinking will save you from their attacks. You can use different shooting weapons. The last standing one will win the game. In tank combat, you can improve your shooting skills as well. 

When you will wone the game, you can earn prizes and level up your tank. 

Why Get it?

  • Improve your shooting skills
  • Boss battles
  • Realistic game
  • Earn gifts & level up the tank

Why Not?

Limited options

Granny outwit

Compatibility: Android

Price: free

Granny outwit is compatible with android devices. It is a horror category game with unlimited downloads. It is the most horror and thrilling game. You have to secure yourself from granny. In the haunted house, you have to live with a granny and hide from the granny. You can’t go out of the home. When you try to go out, granny will be caught you and start beating you. It’s easy for you to survive from granny by hiding yourself from her.  

What gets it?

  • Most horror & Thrilling game
  • Amazing graphics
  • Thrilling & chilling sound
  • Realistic game

Why Not?

  • No desktop version
  • Not everyone can play this horror game

Apex Legends Mobile

Compatibility: Android, windows & IOS

Price: Free

Apex Legends Mobile is compatible with Andriod & ios. It is an action category app with unlimted downloads. The game is simple and interesting to play. It has a total of 10 different characters with different features. You can choose your favorite character, then make a team of three players. 

You have to fight with your enemy as a team of three players. You can carry different weapons with your self. Also, you have the ability to bring your teammate back to the game.

Why got it?

  • Multiplayer game experience
  • Challenging game
  • Easy to play

Why not?

  • Occupied large space (large size)
  • Immense for new players
  • Many maps are still missing

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