Download Easypaisa Mod Free Apk For Android

Easypaisa mod – in the 21st century, everything is getting easy day by day. Technology has made our lives easy and simple. Now you can do almost everything on your smartphone.

You dont need to go out of your home. Easypaisa mod apk is the fastest & best application for transferring money, bill payments, education fees, easy load, and many more. You can do all these works in just a few seconds.

What is Easypaisa?

Easypaisa is the fastest and best money-transferring app in Pakistan. Mobile banking is an advanced level technology, which comes with many features.

You can send money, receive money, pay bills, pay education fees, and many more features like these. Nowadays, nothing is complex. We can do almost every work on our smartphones by sitting at home.

How to use it?

Easypaisa is built with a simple and user-friendly interface. You can use it easily. If you dont use any banking account before, dont worry it’s very easy & simple.

At the start, you have to create your account. To signup for an account. You have to put your personal information. Then the mobile number you have entered will makes you unique. By using this number, you can use mobile banking easily. On the dashboard, you can see your current valance. All the detail about each & every feature is given.

Features of Easypaisa Mod Apk (Latest Version)

  • Send money to anyone in Pakistan
  • get RS. 50 Voucher for free
  • Online payments
  • Withdraw your cash
  • Activate mobile bundles & Easyload
  • Bill payments
  • Pay taxes
  • Buy online tickets
  • 1 game
  • Easycash Loan
  • Upgrade your account to upgrade the account limit
  • Insurance policies
  • Invite friends & earn money
  • Saving plans to save your money
  • Discover Mini apps on Easypaisa

Send money to anyone in Pakistan

Easypaisa is the digital wallet of Pakistan. You can send money to anyone anywhere. There’s no tax on any payment.

You can send money without paying any tax. You dont have to go to any bank or ATM, or send money to anyone on their mobile number, CNIC number, or bank account number.

Online payments

Easypaisa mod allows you to make online payments. It permits credit card bills, utility bills, education fees, tax payments, electricity payments, water, internet, gas payments, and many more.

Withdraw your cash

If you received a payment, and want to withdraw your cash. No worries, you can do it easily.

Dont need to go to the bank or ATM. you can withdraw your cash from any easypaisa agents or easyload shops. The easyload shops are present every two steps all over Pakistan.

Activate mobile bundles & Easyload

How to activate a mobile bundle online? Easypaisa comes up with so many ease. It allows you to activate your mobile bundle easily in one second.

also, it provides all the details about every bundle. this mod permits you to activate a mobile bundle on any network like Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink, and jazz. The amazing point is, you dont need to pay bundle tex. Also, the load balance on any network is within a second.

Bill payments

Now you dont need to stand in lines for hours. You can make your bill payments on your smartphone. Easypaisa allows you to pay your bill easily.

Buy online tickets

it allows you to buy a ticket on your smartphone. You can buy local & international tickets with the easypaisa app. there’s no need to go to a ticket home and buy a ticket for yourself. You can do it at your home easily.

Pay taxes

Now you dont have to go to government offices on a hot day. You can pay your government taxes with the help of easypaisa. It didn’t apply any charges on taxes.

Easycash Loan

If you dont have money in your easypaisa wallet, but you need money on an urgent basis. You can get a loan from the easypaisa app. You can get a loan of up to 1 Lakh(100000).

To get a loan from easypaisa you must be eligible for it. Some people asked how I qualify for an easypaisa loan. You have to be a regular user of easypaisa. This means, your transaction history must be Good and considerable. Then you can easily get a loan from easypaisa mod.

Upgrade your account to upgrade the account limit

There are different account levels.

  1. Non-verified
  2. Level 0
  3. Level 1
  4. Asan digital account

You can upgrade your level by entering your personal information. With up levels, the transaction limit will be increased. You can unlock many features by upgrading your account. It doesn’t charge too much to upgrade your account.

RS. 1 game

You can participate in RS. 1 game. Easypaisa provides us with an interesting game of RS.1

To participate in RS.1 game, you have to pay just 1 rupee. Then you can win many gifts like a mobile phone, a tablet, and many more gifts.

Invite friends & earn money

You can also earn money with the easypaisa apk. Invite your friends & earn money. You can send an invitation link to your friends on different social media platforms. When they click on the link and join the easypaisa apk, they will get money.

How to Download Easypaisa Mod apk?

You can downlaod Easypaisa mod apk unlimited money in a few steps:

  1. Click on the download button given at the top of this page
  2. Then go to the files manager of your device
  3. Search for the “apps” or “downloaded apk” option.
  4. Tap to install and allow unknown sources.
  5. It will automatically download your apk file on the home screen of your device
  6. Enjoy mobile banking at your home!

Download Easypaisa mod apk (Unlimited Money)

To throw out all your money transferring, receiving, online payments, and problems, download the easypaisa mod apk. Now you dont need to stand in line to pay bills for hours. You also dont need to go to banks to pay your fees or send money to your loved ones.

You can do all this on your smartphone anywhere in the world. It is the leading digital wallet. Download the easypaisa mod apk (unlimited money) now. Search for Easypaisa gold apk, real cash mod apk, and easypaisa 2.9 7 downloads. it is also available on Google Playstore. 


Easypaisa mod apk is Pakistan’s fastest and most authenticated mobile banking application. Now you dont need to go to the bank or use an ATM machine to send or receive money.

You can do all these things on your mobile phone. It provides unlimited features like easy load, mobile bundles, bill payment, fee payment, and many more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have two Easypaisa accounts?

On One ID card, you can create only one account. on same ID Card, you cannot create any other account of easypaisa.

is Eayspaisa only for Pakistan?

Yes, it is pakistan’s faster & No.1 mobline banking application. you cannot use it out of pakistan.

what is maximum limit of Easypaisa?

You can enjoy the transaction limit up to RS 10 Lacs. on lower levels, it may limited up to 50 Thousands. you can increase its limit by upgrading its level.

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