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Chikki mod apk – if you don’t have a PC, and also want to play games that are not available on a smartphone? Or when you go out of your home, and you can’t take your laptop or PC with you, But you have to play your favorite game.

You don’t need to worry, Chikki mod apk is here to sort out your problems.

Unlimited entertainment games are not available on the google play store/App store, which is available on PC.  The Chikii mod app helps you to play any PC games on your smartphone anytime or anywhere.

What is Chikki Mod Apk?

Chikki MOD Apk is a gaming application, which let you play any game anytime you want. You just have to connect your smartphone with your PC or laptop, you can also connect your smartphone with your friend’s PC. then you can easily play any game.

there are unlimited categories of different games, you can search for your favorite game.

You can add your friends in the app,  also can chat with your friends, and send videos, and images. Play different games with your friends, and Challenge them to play with you.

Features of Chikki MOD Apk

  • PC/Laptop Games on Mobile phone
  • Different categories
  • Autosaving you journey
  • Connect different gaming consoles
  • Add & start Chatting with your friends
  • Challenge & Invite your friends

PC/Laptop Games on Mobile phone

Are you crazy to play PC games? But don’t have enough budget to buy a PC?

When you visit your friend’s home, and you have to play your favorite game? but you can’t take your PC with you? Don’t worry, Chikki mod apk will give all the answers to your questions.

Chikki MOD Apk lets you connect your mobile phone to your PC, and then you can play any PC game on your mobile phone without any interruption.

You just have to connect your mobile phone to your PC and start playing different Unlimited Games.

You can play boundless interesting PC games on your Mobile phone with remote access. 

Add & start Chatting with your friends

Do you don’t want to play alone or, are you bored of playing games alone? Take it easy, chikii mod apk permits you to add your friends in this application and start chatting with them. You can also receive a notification when one of your friends is online. Then you can easily invite your friend to play a game with you.

Beyond all of this, you can also send & receive images, and videos also.

Challenge & Invite your friends

You can’t just play the game alone, rather you can invite and challenge your friends to play different games with you.  As you know, that’s will be more interesting when you play different games with your friends and challenge them to play the hardest games with them.

You can give them the target of compact games and also achieve the hardest games to be a winner. You can enjoy your free time by playing games anywhere, and anytime.

Different categories

There are unlimited gaming categories present in the app. Different categories like Action, arcade, card, casual, horror game, puzzle, racing, role-playing, RPG, simulation, and many more. You can select and find your favorite games in different categories.

Chiki is a mod apk that lets you play many interesting old and Latest Games on just one platform.

Autosaving you journey

Chikki Mod Apk provides you with the autosaving opportunity. When you are playing the game, the laptop,pc, or your smartphone is turned off due to low battery, or some other reasons. Chikki mod apk lets you resume your journey from where you just left it.

When you turn ON your mobile phone, you can see your previously left screen, you can click on the RESUME option, and start playing

Connect different gaming consoles

When you are playing any game, you may face the wrong touch problem, but chikii mod apk allows you to connect your mobile phone to different gaming consoles like a keyboard, mouse, etc.

With the help of these gaming consoles, you can easily play different games without any interruption.

Download Chikki MOD Apk

We are in the 21st century, you don’t need to do more and more struggle to be a gamer or a top player. Chiki is apk mod emulator that allows you to play different games, pc games, and video games to play on your mobile phone/smartphone. So download the Chikii mod apk today, and complete your dream of being the best Gamer.

Chiki mod apk provides you unlimited features within one platform. It allows you to play PC Games whenever you want.

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Just click on the “Download Now” button given at the top of this page and start playing unlimited games! also, check out more detail on Google Playstore.


Chikii apk mod is the best gaming emulator, which allows you to connect your mobile/smartphone with your PC and start playing Pc games.

Chiki apk mod with countless features helps you to play PC games without a PC. you can also add, invite & challenge your friends and start playing with them. You can also see different gaming categories here. You can find old, latest PC games here.

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