Top 15 video editing apps for Android & iPhone

Top 15 video editing apps for android & iPhone – On the internet, you can find limitless video editor apps. In the huge collection of video editors, finding the best editor is a tough task. If you are using a video editor for the first time, you may face many problems.

Don’t worry, today I will explain the top 15 best video editors for iPhone & android. You can find the best beginners & professional level editors easily. By using any best video editors, you can be a professional editor in the future.

The top video editors for Android & Iphone:

we have chosen the best & professional level video editors for android & ios. you can read all the detail about each video editor. in this way, it’s easy for you to choose the best app for you.

  • Kinemaster
  • Adobe Premier
  • Inshot
  • FilmoraGo
  • Viva video
  • Splice
  • Power director
  • iMovie
  • Quik
  • Promeo
  • VideoGrade
  • Videoshop
  • Magisto
  • Stop motion studio pro
  • Capcut

1. Kinemaster: Best for Beginner & Profesional level Editor 

Compatible: Android & IOS

Price: Free + Paid

Kinemaster is the best video editor for professional-level editors. It is compatible with android & IOS both. You can take your video editing journey to the next level with kinemaster. It provides 4K video resolution. You can export your edited videos directly to youtube.

It has multiple layers feature, through which you can add different voices, music, filters, effects, and many more. It permits its users to use high-end features for free. To remove the watermark, you have to subscribe to its premium subscription. Video cropping, cutting, blending modes, audio mixing, chroma-keying, instant preview, speed control, volume adjustment, and many more high-end features.

In short, kinemaster is one of the top-rated and best video editors for android and ios users.

Why not? 

  • cannot control the speed of audio
  • for new users, its complex to use
  • it consumes a lot of RAM on your device
  • takes a lot of time while export a video

2. Adobe Premier: Cross-platform editor

Compatible: Android, Windows, IOS, and Mac

Price: Free + Paid (starting price 19$)

Why Get it?

Adobe Premiere is compatible with android, IOS, macOS, and also windows. No matter which device you are using, you can use Adobe Premier to edit your videos in a professional way.

Adobe Premier is one of the great apps with extensive functionality and a simple & user-friendly interface.  It offers panels, dragging-dropping videos on a timeline, mixing videos, adding text, transition effects, and many filters for making editing straightforward for you. It provides different aspect ratios and high-quality resolutions. You can select as you want.

You can create and edit your videos for different social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram.

Why Not?

  • It required a high-speed PC
  • high RAM usage
  • only simple for professional editors
  • comes with a monthly subscription

3. Inshot: For social media content creators

Compatible: Android & IOS

Price: Free+Piad 

Why Get it?

Inshot video editor is compatible with android & IOS as well. If you want to create social media videos then inshot is the best choice for you. It offers simple & basic editing tools. You can edit your short videos in just a few seconds.

The basic features like import, cut, crop, and trim then edit your videos by adding music, filters, effects, stickers, text, and emojis. You can convert your simple video into a stunning & breathtaking video.

The inshot contains ads & watermark, which you can remove by buying its monthly subscription.

Why Not?

  • only best for short videos
  • watermark on the free version
  • many features are locked on the free version
  • no exceptional tools

4. FilmoraGo

Compatible: Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac

Price: Paid

Why Get it?

Filmorago Wondershare is compatible with android, ios windows, and Mac computers. Filmorago is the best and top-rated application for simple and easy editing. If you want to start from basic to advanced level editing, you must try filmorago apps.

It has unlimited themes, transition effects, backgrounds, filters, and music tracks, which help you to create an impressive video.

Why Not?

  • no advanced features
  • a premium subscription is expensive
  • no 4K editing

5. Viva video: best for beginner-level editors

Price: Free

Compatible: Android, IOS

Why Get it?

Viva video is one of the easy and simple video editors. It allows you to edit and create simple & short videos for social media platforms. It permits you to cut, crop, trim, merge your video and edit it with unlimted features. Unlimited amazing effects, filters, and themes are available.

You can also control the speed of your videos. Also, add music clips, and choose from your mobile storage. It comes with the best slideshow maker and collage maker.

Why Not?

  • Only good for the short videos
  • Can not support GIFs files
  • Edit videos that are less than 5 minutes
  • The main features are locked in a premium subscription

6. Splice: especially for Trimming & Cropping

Compatibility: IOS

Price: Free

Why Get it?

Splice is compatible with IOS only. You can use splice editor especially for trimming & cropping videos. It is one of the best video editors for beginners.

You can splice many videos to create one extraordinary collage video. It has a musical track, which you can use on your videos. as we know, the songs on videos make them more interesting & impressive. It also permits you to share your edited videos directly on social media.

Why not?

  • contain only simple tools
  • no advanced-level features

7. Power director

Compatible: with Android, Windows, and Mac

Price: Free

Why Get it?

Power director is compatible with android, windows, and Mac. it has the same streamlined interface for android users as on windows. If you love to edit videos on your mobile, you can use the PC version easily. It provides import, rotate, splice, and trim videos.

It also allows you to add text to your videos, then customizes them with animations and different styles. It comes up with a PiP overlay to create videos and image collages. The user-friendly interface and limitless features, let you create awesome videos. If you dont have any editing ideas or experience, you must try Power director.

Why Not?

  • only available for PC users
  • it is complex for beginners

8. iMovie: For beginner-level editors

Compatibility: Iphone, Ipad, Mac

Price: Free

Why Get it?

Imovie is built especially for iPhone,iPad, and Mac users. Imovie video editor is already installed on pads and iPhones. It has all the essential tools for a beginner-level video editor.

If you are not an expert video editor or have no experience in the editing field, you must try iMovie. It also supports 4K on new models.

Why Not?

  • only for beginner-level editors
  • no available for android & Windows users

9. Quik: Greatest video editor for Montages

Price: Free

Compatible: Iphone, Ipad, and Android

why Get It:

Quik is compatible with Andriod & ios. Create amazing videos with small clips & images. It provides different styles of video editing.

You can customize your videos with unlimited effects, filters, music, and animated text. It allows you to save your videos in different formats which you want. It provides 420p to 1080p resolution.

Why Not?

  • sometimes the app can be glitchy
  • no trimming options
  • minimal control

10. Promeo: Finest For Social Media Editing

Compatible: Web, Android, Iphone

Price: paid (Starting price: 199$ per month)

Why Get It?

Promeo video editor is compatible with Andriod and ios. You can be a professional video editor by using your smartphone. Promeo is the best video editor and creator tool for professional-level editing.

It contains a number of diverse designs, effects, trimming tools, font customization, and many more. it also provides us with millions of pre-designed pictures and videos. ready-to-use templates help you to create an advanced-level video without facing any problems.

Why Not? 

  • high price for small businesses
  • not flexible for customization

11. VideoGrade: Best For Color Grading

Compatible: iPhone, and iPad

Price: paid (starting price: 5& per month)

Why Get It?

VideoGrade is compatible with iphone & iPad. VideoGrade is a flexible & powerful video editor with boundless features. It is a color-grading tool for creating stunning videos. It provides split screen mode, instant preview, color cast, a simple interface, and many more.

In short, you can make quality videos with powerful features and minimum time. it is best for color grading purposes.

Why not?

  • loading issue
  • audio & video loading problem

12. Videoshop: Best for Short Videos

Compatible: android & iphone

Price: Free

Videoshop is compatible with android devices. With the help of Videoshop, you can create pre-eminent & high-quality videos. You can import any video from your device that you want to edit.

Also, split a video into many clips. It can help you to create elegant videos without facing any complexity. It has cut, crop, split, merge, add text, and filters to make a professional video. it provides us layering interface to create an amazing video.

Why Not?

  • no split screen feature
  • no chrome kry

13. Magisto

Compatible: android, IOS, and online

Price: Free + Paid (Some Feature)

Magisto is compatible with android, iphone, and iPad.

It allows you to create a magical video by using your pictures. Create a breathtaking movie clip by using different picture templates.

You can create the best videos from pictures or small clips of videos, without consuming your time and focus. you can also use it for online editing purposes, you don’t need to download it on your device. it provides different plans for personal, professional, and business use.

Why Not?

  • no 4K Exporting
  • Edits only up to 3 Minutes of video
  • watermark in the free version
  • stock content can be used only in premium plans.

14. Stop motion studio pro: 2D Animaion

Compatible: Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, Chromebook

Price: Paid (Different prices for different platforms)

Stop Motion Studio Pro is compatible with android. It is an excellent video editor with creative tools for making animated videos. They provide re-designed and ready-made elements & objects, which you can use for free.

These pre-designed projects help you to make a creative video if you are not familiar with video editing. Easy functions, different frames, time-lapse creations, and amazing output are greeted.

Why Not? 

  • No premade designs
  • no pre-designed templates

15. Capcut – Best for Beginners 

Compatible: Android

Price: Free

capcut video editor is compatible with android devices. it is also called viamaker. it provides us with a timeline-based interface, through which you can add different elements in different layers. in this way, you can select anyone clip from a long video to edit it.

create an eye-catching video by using tools like effects, filters, transition effects, speed of videos, adding music, text, virtual stickers, and many more. it also permits you to share your video to any social media apps like tiktok, youtube, and many more.

you can edit a high-quality video in a few minutes without facing any complexity.

Why Not?

  • Not Comprehensive
  • didn’t provide advanced-level tools

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