Best Video Editor

Nowadays, the competition on social media platforms is at its peak level. we have to work hard to attract an audience. on the google playstore, there are many video editor applications, each of which has unique functionality and features.

Today, we will describe the best video editing applications:

  • Lightworks
  • videopad
  • openshot
  • Headliner
  • ClipCham create
  • Quik By GoPro
  • Canva


Lightworks is a pre-eminent video editor with many features. it is a non-linear video editor developed by EditShare. it will help you to create edits like a professional editor. it provides you with the best and basic options to edit your videos like a next-level editor.

it is a top-rated video editor with the best user interface. the PC version of Lightworks allows you to drag and drop features, edit audio, apply filters, cut-crop videos, and many more features.


Videopad is an easy and simple-to-use video editor for android users.

with limitless features like visual effects, filters, transitions, and many more! it provides impressive functionality, by using its easy and simple tools you can overcome any complexity.


Headliner is a simple and easy-to-use video editor for android users. you can easily create your podcast & headliner videos and then directly share them on social media. it allows you to share your videos on WhatsApp, Instagram Facebook, Twitter, and many more social media platforms.

headliner provides the automatic creation of videos from podcasts. you can select the features you want to apply to your videos like the aspect ratio of videos, length of videos, and many more. the headliner will automatically create a video for you. you can also use any template on your videos that you want.

ClipCham create

with unlimited features ClipCham creates is the best video editor for windows. you can create, trim, merge, cut, crop, and compress your videos in just a few steps. it has a user-friendly and interactive interface. easily drag your videos from computer storage and drop them on the ClipCham create. different filters, and effects, add text, and use different fonts, and sizes for the text. it is the easiest and simplest video editor and player for windows users.